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Lips Cafè, Abu Dhabi

LIPS CAFE’ – Operational Challenges

Lips Café was given a 1 day notice from the Mall’s management to remove all Mains from the Menu due to neighbouring shops complaining about food smell.

This brought a drop in monthly revenue equal to 40% (£50,000+).

The abrupt decision from the mall’s management also damaged the relationship with regular customers who came especially for the popular mains.

The Solution

The team at Aston Hospitality Experts assessed

the operational challenges and worked with the

Group’s CPU (Central Production Unit) to marinate, portion & vacuum-pack all mains whilst fitting a Convection Oven fitted with a water filtered exhaust that removes all odours and fumes.

Aston assisted the Restaurant Group in dealing with the Mall’s management by providing a detailed report and inviting the GM players for a meal to personally experience the positive change.

A Marketing campaign was launched and within the span of 1.5months the regular customers returned and the revenue was healthy once again.



Lips Cafè – Abu Dhabi


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