Are you HACCP compliant?

Do you receive complaints?

Have you failed a hygiene inspection?

The mechanics of how any business in the hospitality sector operates dictates a large part of its success. Just as Mise en place ensures the kitchen is prepared in advance and aware of the coming challenges, an effective set of operational procedures ensures consistent standards, excellent service and no surprises. Beginning with an SOP analysis (Standard Operational Procedure), our team are ale to quickly identify potential areas for improvement to ensure the smooth running of the business. From staff training needs to operational flow and layout analysis, A-Team are the experts in Operational Excellence.

Being experts in the field, we are able to deliver personalised solutions across marketing, PR and social media. All of which have a direct impact on the ongoing success of our your businesses. Our team of experienced experts are involved every step of the way, sharing their contacts and industry knowledge.
We cover all aspects of restaurant marketing, PR and social, from pre- opening and launching of new restaurants, to raising the profile of specific individuals such as chefs, hoteliers and business owners. Through strategic planning, creative thinking and strong media relations, we devise tailor-made campaigns for each client and deliver them across multiple platforms. Creating a sales plan will enable the business to expand its awareness in a congested market place and expose the business to a wider audience.

Services include:​


  • Ongoing Operations Management
  • Standard Operational Procedures Analysis
  • Staff Roster Analysis
  • Operational Flow
  • Safety & Hygiene Compliance
  • Cost Reduction & Sales Improvement
  • Menu & Recipe Development
  • Recruitment, HR & Training
Operation meeting

Standard Operational Procedures Analysis

Do you consistently deliver to your clients’ expectations?

Standard Operational Procedures are a number of written rules and regulations which are implemented to ensure consistency.

Standard Operational Procedures set standards in your operation and guide your staff in keeping standards consistent. By having them in place you will increase positive feedback, keep clients satisfied and your operation healthy.

We are experts in implementing standard operational procedures that are suited to your company.

Staff Roster Analysis

Do you know how many staff are needed in your operation?

Staff Rosters are shift schedules that tell your staff when they work and when they are off, they allow everyone to plan ahead and ensure there are sufficient staffing levels to reflect the varying levels of trade at any given time.

By analysing your staff roster you ensure you do not have too many or too few people working at any given point, you can uncover areas for improvement and potential cost savings.

​Having too many staff, can, in the long run promote under­-performance.

A lack of staff can create unhappiness and high turnover of staff – both will erode your bottom line.

Having balanced staff rosters will ensure your costs are under control and your staff are happy and will feel looked after.

We are experts at analysing and creating staff solutions that ensure your departments have the right number of staff and at the right times.

Space & Layout Optimization

Is your outlet laid out strategically?

Site Layout is the way your outlet is designed in terms of location of equipmen, tables, kitchen, chairs, etc

A strategically laid out outlet flows better and quicker during service time. Staff will find their work less challenging and more satisfying. In turn your clients will feel you are well organised and will feel looked after and satisfied with your service. This in turn will mean no delays, no hiccups in the operation and a potential saving on costs

We are operational experts and can review your operation, highlighting areas of excellence and areas of improvement.

Operational Flow

Do you feel your staff are not working as efficiently as they could?

Operational Flow is the process of sequential actions that begin from the moment you welcome the guest to them leaving.

An outlet that flows naturally is both relaxing for the clients and productive for the staff.

When operational flow has been optimised, staff will find their work less challenging and more satisfying. In turn your clients will feel you are well organised and will feel looked after and satisfied with your service.

This will mean fewer delays, fewer issues in the operation and a potential saving on costs.

We are operational experts with years of experience.

As such we can review your operation and provide bespoke feedback on areas for improvement.

Safety and Hygiene coaching

Have you had any issues with the council’s Environmental Health Officer?

Is your Hygiene Rating below 5?

Did you know that your customers check your Hygiene Rating online?

Compliance to Safety and Hygiene are of paramount importance in a food

and beverage operation, outlets that follow safety and hygiene rules are more successful and efficient overall than those which do not.

​Outlets that fail or receive with warnings from the council’s Environmental Health Officer (EHO) are likely to face fines, damage to their reputation and more seriously be shut down completely.

We are experts in supporting and guiding food and beverage companies to ensure they comply with the local regulations ahead of any council inspections and facilitate their hygiene rating improvement by conducting regular audits.

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