Do your customers say your menu is confusing?

Does it have too many dishes and you can’t find a way to reduce them?

Do you need a child friendly offering?

Are you Food Standards Agency Compliant?​

​Your menu is the ultimate interface between your guests and your business. There are a number of factors that combine to make an effective menu which drives guests to your higher profit items, promotes up-sell and encourages repeat business and referral.

From the design and layout of the menu to the seasonal dishes, legal compliance and speciality considerations, A-Team are experts in menus, analysing and refining them so they become effective selling tools

Services include:


  • Seasonality Relevance
  • Design & Layout
  • Recipe Development
  • Printing
  • Analysis
  • Up​-​sell and Cross-sell Opportunities
  • Food Standards Agency Compliance
  • Special Menus – children, set menus
  • Allergy and Special Requirement Guidance

Seasonality Relevance

Are you using seasonal ingredients?

​Seasonality Relevance is the study of your ingredients and their origin to ensure you are buying them in the right season

Buying ingredients that are in season means that they will taste better and they will be more cost effective.

​You will be able to keep your costs down and quality to the maximum through intelligently buying seasonal produce and tailoring your menu to the seasons.

​A-Team are experts in menu planning and their close relationship with local suppliers will ensure you get the best seasonal ingredients at the best price.

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Design & Layout

Is your menu set up to sell?

​How your menu is designed and laid out can be nearly as important as whats actually offered for sale.

​From drawing attention to certain offers, encouraging additional impulse selections and matching dishes, A-Team use tried and tested techniques to ensure your menu is optimised for your clients and for the dishes you serve.

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Recipe Development

Would you like your own ”secret sauce/dish” recipe?

Do you want to stand out in today’s competitive market?

Recipe development is the creation of a brand new recipe that not only fits your menu but complements the rest of the dishes and stands out as different.

Ensuring that your recipes are innovative and well thought of means you can charge the right price and provide customers with the ”experience” that will make them come back for more.

Your food and drink recipes can provide or deprive your business of customers.

We have a unique approach and extensive insight into current market trends that will ensure your recipes are competitive and unique.


Do you portray quality when your customers hold your menu?

​From the material choice, colour selection and speciality techniques such as embossing or foiling, there are a number of techniques to give your menus and printed materials a quality feel but at an affordable cost.

The quality of your menu can be indicative of the quality of your food for potential clients, so it’s important that it portrays the right image.

A-Team can deliver high quality menus and in targeted time frames.

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Are you using your menu to the full?

​Analysing the menu, we look at the seasonality of your ingredients, the design and layout, the quality of the print, whether it fits the size of the kitchen and your team’s skill set.

Having your menu analysed will ensure you use it to its full potential and ensuring it generates sales.

​A-Team give detailed and cost effective menu analysis that will ensure you have a return on investment and give you are competitive edge.

Up​-​sell and Cross-sell Opportunities

Could you sell more?

​Upselling and cross-selling are techniques within your menu and staff training to use ingredients and dishes cleverly to achieve more sales.

​By upselling and cross-selling your customers will have a wider choice and will be engaged to buy more.

Your menu needs to be designed with upselling in mind and laid out accordingly.

With a well designed menu, your staff will find selling promotions and add-ons far more straightforward.

​Our team apply tried and tested techniques to menus and staff training across the globe that make your customers buy those extra desserts, deals and special coffees that boost the bottom line.

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Food Standards Agency Compliance

Where do you stand with the law?

​The Food Standard Agency (FSA) is a body that enforces hygiene rules across the country to ensure the public is safe.

A recent study has shown that companies that comply with Food Standard Agency standards see an improvement in their sales of between 5 to 15%.

Food Standards Agency Compliance will ensure your menu and procedures are up to the required standard which in turn will protect your business from fines and headaches.

Our team of experts will check your menu to ensure you comply and provide you with the right solutions where necessary.

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Special Menus – Children, Set Menus

Would you like to increase your revenue?

​Special menus are designed to sell more and could also reduce costs.

They can be for a special event like a wedding, anniversary, or banquet or they can be a set menu to add to your current menu or a children’s menu.

​Having special menus means you can appeal to more people visiting your outlet and cater specifically to their needs.

Our chef team create menus for outlets across the globe and for varying requirements, encouraging more specialist sales and increasing repeat business- often at a reduced cost to a full menu.

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Allergy and Special Requirement Guidance

What happens if a customer has an allergic reaction?

​How do you cater for specialist dietary requirements?

​The Food Standard Agency (FSA) is a body that enforces Allergy and Special Requirements regulations across the country to ensure the public is safe.

​An allergic reaction from food consumed at your outlet could mean heavy fines as well as the life of your business.

Allergy and Special Requirement Guidance will ensure your menu and procedures are up to the required standard which in turn will protect your customers from getting unwell and keep your business from fines and headaches.

​Our team of experts will analyse your menu and give you the needed guidance to ensure you comply and provide you with the right solution.

​Contact us today to discuss allergens in your menu.

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